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Hang in the window of your house,car, on your door or from your Christmas tree. They make a great gift and can be customized for your company /organziation. They make great wedding or shower favors.
Available in round and diamond shapes. All designs."
"Available in many beautiful patterns.
Click here to see examples.


Coaster Set
4"" square. Set of 4.
Slumped center to cradle your glass."
"Available in many beautiful patterns.
Click here to see examples.


Single Stem Daisy
"single daisy flower petals on copper stems displayed in smoked glass vase. Single stem petals are available in daisy, pansy and solid glass. Price is for 1 single stem."

3 stem twester panzy125.JPG Potted 3 Stem Floral Arrangement
"Pansy flower pot with copper stems and decorative flower pot. Flower petals are available in many colors.Pansy, daisy, and solid colors. 3 stems $45.00, 4 stems $55.00 and 5 stem pots $65.00."

5 stem pot 30.JPG Table Top Potted Floral Arrangement
"14"" H X 8"" W

5-stem table top clay flower pot with fused glass petals and copper stems. Pots can be made in 3,4 or 5 stems with pansy, daisy or solid petals. Many colors to choose from. "

Blue Wine Bottle Cheese Tray
"Recycled wine bottles flattened to make a cheese board. All cheese boards come with one cheese spreader. Available in blue, green, amber and clear."

vodka bottles 15.JPG Vodka Bottle Cheese Tray
Flatened recycled Vodka bottle cheese tray. Each cheese board comes with one cheese knife.

cheese board 15.JPG Wine Bottle Cheese Tray

Candle Vase
Approximately 4.5"" high.
Smaller version of the larger draped vase available in same colors. "

Lone Wolf
Half Round multi layered design for depth. Great for a mantel or special spot in your home or office. Custom work welcome. Use your company logo for awards.

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