THE ARTIST:  Ron Frear


I started SiOx Glass in 1987, but before that time I held many positions in different industries that helped give me the skills needed to run a business and work with glass. Beginning at age fifteen, I started working at my father's car dealership, washing cars and sweeping the parking lot. He taught me the value of hard work! When my father sold the company in 1981, I began several years of working in different career fields, including construction, trucking, remolding, and building maintenance.

In 1987, I acquired an old ceramic kiln and molds from a tenant who left them behind in storage. I had no idea what to do with it, but I was interested in making glass. Harriet Anderson's Powered Enamels in Glass taught me what I need to know to get started. In the summer of 1987, I had a great experience at our first art show at Spencerport Canal Days. From then until 2005, I continued to work full-time, while making glass and doing art shows part-time. At that time, my work with the real estate investor ended when he sold his portfolio. Sensing a great opportunity to expand, my wife and I made the decision to continue SiOx full-time.

SiOx has developed a wonderful line of functional and decorative art glass, including flat wear, vases, and candle vases - beautiful pieces for all occasions. In 2007, I developed a new line of art glass for SiOx customers: interchangeable glass flowers, with a design that allows the customer to change flowers from a simple garden flower to a custom-made tabletop flower pot. They also fit perfectly into beautiful wall units made with copper stems and leaves. What makes the product unique is the variety of colors and styles available. Currently, we offer two styles and twenty-two different colors! We are always trying to expand our assortment to meet the needs of our customers. SiOx also makes a line of larger interchangeable flowers that are displayed by hand-twisted steel rods. These are available in different styles and colors as well. Additionally, the flowers can all be left outside year-round, creating a bright spot in any garden even on the darkest of winter days! Our flowers are enjoyed by customers all across the United States, and we now have flowers on 6 continents and in 23 countries.

SiOx is truly a family business; my wife and two children work with me all summer, from setting up the shows, creating new ideas and helping with whatever needs to get done. We would like to thank our great customers for their support over the years and new customers to come!

Look for us coming to a show near you!

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